A downloadable game for Windows


A fast paced medieval fighting game. 

Standing among the trees, a horde of warriors are on their way. Pick your weapon and survive!

Survive and kill as much as possible to get the highest score! Challenge your friends and find out who is the best warrior!

This VR title is compatible with Steam VR and is best played in the Room-scale but will be fine for standing only, just watch your space, this is very active!

Developed by Kriss Barton, Louis Hobbs, Toby Coleman and Adam Slater.

Weapon Models by Bradley Amphlett.

Together we are Team No. 4,  Super High Intensity Team and this has been our Team Project.

Install instructions

Simply download the .zip file and run the gladio.exe file to play!


Gladio V1.12.1.1.zip 34 MB